How to Choose the Best Roofing Contractor in Coquitlam

Given the extremes of our climate, it’s vital that Coquitlam homeowners ensure that their roof remains in a good state. Repairs may be needed following heavy snowfall, storms, tree damage or simply as a result of gradual ‘wear and tear’. Whether you require a small repair, a roof replacement or need a brand new roof for a brand-new home, hiring a professional Coquitlam roofing company is the best way to ensure you achieve the high-quality result you’re hoping for.

Do I Need to Hire a Roofing Company for My Project?

Your roof is one of the most vital structural elements of your home, and when it begins to fail, it won’t be long before you see the consequences. Water ingress, wind damage and invasions by roosting birds can all occur as a result of your roof being compromised. If you do have an issue, the problem won’t repair itself, and the longer you leave it unresolved, the costlier the eventual repair will prove.

However, attempting to repair your own roof is not advisable. While many forms of household maintenance can easily be performed by the homeowner, roofing is definitely not one of these. Not only are there significant risks associated with roofing (largely as a result of the need to work at height), but the consequences if you perform a poor job can also be severe, and could impact on the wider structure of your home.

If you have an issue with your roof, then having a comprehensive professional repair performed by a reputable roofing contractor is the only advisable course of action.

Should I Choose a Local Roofing Company from Coquitlam?

Roofing contracts can be lucrative, and many roofers are willing to travel fairly widely in order to maximize the number of projects they can take on. Because of this, some roofing companies working in Coquitlam may actually be based a long distance outside of the city. On the one hand, this presents you with more choices, but on the other, it creates a number of potential problems.

An out-of-town roofer will automatically incur travel expenses when working with you. Some roofers may apply a specific fee to cover their travel time and gas, others may simply inflate their overall quote to account for this. The point is, whether or not you see these costs written in black and white, they are likely to be there somewhere. Meanwhile, a local roofing company, based in or very close to Coquitlam, won’t face significant travel costs, and may well provide you with a more competitive quote.

Beyond the obvious cost savings, there are several other advantages to choosing a local roofer who routinely works near you. Unlike a contractor based some distance away, a Coquitlam roofing company will most likely carry out 90% of their work for clients in the city. As you’ll read in the next section, seeing examples of a contractor’s previous projects, and speaking to their former clients, are two of the best ways of assessing the standards they work to. The practicalities of this are far simpler if those projects have been completed near to you, in Coquitlam.

Another advantage of hiring a local professional is after care. In the majority of cases, a well-constructed new roof, or well-performed roof repair, should last for a number of years. That said, our roofs are constantly exposed to the elements, and can be subject to some tough conditions. Should an issue emerge with your new or repaired roof, a local roofing company working near you will clearly be better placed to provide you with prompt, high-quality after care.

What Questions Should I Ask My Contractor?

Before deciding which Coquitlam roofing contractor is best for your job, it’s wise to put together a list of important questions. Taking the time to write down the points that matter most to you will avoid a scenario where you find that you’ve forgotten to ask something significant.

Start with the most basic requirements. Number one on your list should be ensuring that you’re talking to a local roofer who works in accordance with health and safety laws. Ask about the specifics here: What training does your roofer, and their team, have in this regard? What protective equipment do they use? What procedures do they follow?

Next, confirm that your roofer holds adequate liability insurance. You should carefully check that this covers your roofing contractor, their team-members/sub-contractors, you, your property, third-party property and members of the public. If an injury or damage should occur to any of these, then it’s vital to know that your contractor’s insurance policy will meet the costs that could arise.

Most homeowners prefer to choose Coquitlam roofing companies with experience in the sector. You may wish to focus on the type of experience your local contractor has – as well as the sheer number of projects they’ve completed, or the years they’ve spent in the business. Don’t be afraid to be direct and ask searching questions: Does your roofer regularly handle projects of the same size and complexity as yours? Do they often work on buildings similar to your own? Do they frequently work with the kind of materials that will be used for your roof?

Most reputable Coquitlam roofing companies will be more than happy to show samples of their former projects. Some may share ‘before and after’ pictures, or provide written testimonials. They may also be willing to pass on contact details of clients they’ve performed roof repairs for in the past. If so, follow up on these, and ask detailed questions to the other clients.

These questions should not only relate to the quality of the finished roof, but should cover the way that the work was performed: Was the roofing contractor professional in their approach? Did they perform the work in accordance with health and safety laws? Was the work completed on time, and to the agreed budget? (If there was an overrun be sure to establish why.) Would the client re-hire the contractor for another job in the future?

Coquitlam's Leading Local Roofing Contractor

It’s fair to say that local roofing companies work in many different ways. Some have experience of handling a particular type of project, or working on specific kinds of buildings, but most can competently cover many diverse aspects of the work.

Foremost among these companies are Modern Coquitlam Roofing. These contractors have built a particularly strong reputation in the city, largely based on the depth of their experience, and the quality of the projects they’ve completed for local clients. Taken together, this record of achievement means that Modern Coquitlam Roofing are widely regarded as being Coquitlam's leading roofing company.

Anyone looking to hire a professional Coquitlam roofing contractor should consider contacting Modern Coquitlam Roofing using the form below, in order to discuss their services or schedule a free site visit.


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